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Great article about Humboldt Park mural The Party by Jeff Huebner! HERE



Watch this fun segment about mixing paint and being an artist. Artrageous with Nate on your local PBS station in March, 2015!







This is a short (9min) documentary about some of my work being produced by Flashback Color and Faiz Razi. It's 2/3 done but so cool i want to share it now. Who knows when the climactic project will be realized to bring this to a close. Great work boys! See you on the 23rd!



Click for great video of the process and ethos of the whole project. Excellent work by Jude Appleby!



Fear No Art did a segmet about the mural. This site is worth investigating for all the great artists Elizabeth has interviewed!


Chicago Art Magazine on The God Particle and installation work here



Here's a link to some great shots of the shoes FRESHNESSMAG.COM





Kara Mann Design used a bunch of work on this giant pad in Bucktown. She's a serious designer just look at her site. And she makes my work look pretty damn good too. Gracias Kara.



The Today Show NBC May 27th, 2009

The New York Times article on the project

Fox News

If your processor + internet connection are fast this timelapse of the whole project is great in HD!

Fox News on totally overblown Sharpton controversy

Great interpretation of the Mural by Carol Knowles here (first is review of our group show at Marshall Arts, Memphis)

First news story from WREG Memphis



Review in the Charelston City Paper by Nick Smith

Little video by the local "tweet"


Nice Article by Chi-Ann Ching for The Chicago Journal


190 North, ABC - Oct. 21, 2007
There is a cool 4 minute spot about me featuring the LaSalle Bank Marathon Mural
Click on Watch190 - OCT 21 Mural Man to stream it, or download and watch the podacst.


Artist Project ChicagoVideo

Great little piece by Mark Konkol in the Sun Times - 08.04.07




copyright Univision Television Inc., 2006

copyright ABC Television, 2006


This site has mountains of good stuff...



Chicago Tribune Article by Joseph Sjostrom, Sept. 22, '05


Chicago Tribune Article by Rod O'connor, Jan. 16, '05


Voted one of Chicago's Great Outdoor Artworks by TimeOut Chicago, TimeOut Issue #22, 2005

Article by Cathleen Falsani (here)


ArtBeat Chicago Copyright WTTW Ch 11, Chicago (Big so better not use dialup)

ArtBeat link here



Dialogue Magazine cover story. Jan/Feb issue


Anthem Magazine


NBC The Today Show


Download the clip here (this is 11.6 megs. Mac users will have to get Windows Media Player)

Mike Leonard, who does spots for the Today Show, hung out with me for a few days. We checked out some of my work here in Chicago including the Museum of Contemporary Art show running through Aug. 31. Interviews with people who appear in my work explaining the process and how they feel about being a part of it. Plus, I imagine, me talking (ad nauseum) about working as an artist for the past 6 years. Mike is a real talent. This should be good and is tentatively schedualed to air on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1. at 8:50 a.m. NBC. Matt and Katie, you've seen it...




Interview with Victoria Lautmen for 848, Chicago Public Radio 91.5. Listen for this between 10 - 11 a.m. the week of Aug. 25 - 29. It's an audio tour of Dark Matter at the MCA. You need RealPlayer.


Chicago Journal Article by Laura Putre

The Article Here


Since he graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Jeff Zimmermann has worked primarily as a muralist. While he has completed important community-based murals in Pilsen (including one at 19th Street and Ashland), one of Chicago’s most vital neighborhoods and the home to many Mexican Americans, he also has created what he calls ‘private murals.’ His method is to locate suitable walls on which to create his dynamic paintings which are inspired by the built environment as well as the life of the community. The owners of these walls agree to leave the design and content of the murals entirely up to Zimmermann. One such mural can be found on Damen Avenue just north of Lake Street.

For his MCA project, Zimmermann has followed a similar working method: he has observed and responded to the area in and around the MCA. After getting to know this complex retail and residential neighborhood, he became acquainted with specific individuals, such as the policeman depicted on the west wall, as well as with what he calls "urban tumbleweeds," the snack bags and crushed soda cans that travel across sidewalks, streets, and plazas. He then juxtaposed these elements with his personal interests, including the Chicago Board of Trade’s derivatives market, mathematics, and politics to create the wall painting Dark Matter. This term, which is used by cosmologists to describe a yet-undetected matter or energy that is theorized to make up the majority of the universe, gives one important key to the work. Dark Matter interweaves the private and the public, the mental life of the individual with the complex interworkings of the society in which the individual exists.

Lynne Warren, Curator MCA, copyright 2003 The Museum of Contemporary Art


Interior Design Magazine: Marysol Commision article

Issue No. 11, December 2002




New Art Examiner


Chicago Reader Artilce by Jeff Huebner
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